JusBYou Shape Up Bands

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JusBYou Shape Up Bands Are Here To Shape You Up! Our bands are designed with cutting-edge materials to enhance a variety of workouts. Shape Up your Abs, Glutes & Legs with just a 10-20 minute workout everyday. We specially designed these bands to tighten & build abs and lower body and ensure they would stand up to even the most intense workout. Includes 3 levels of resistance (light, medium & heavy) and a mesh carry bag for when you're on the go.

JusBYou Shape Up Bands are for anyone that has just started to tighten & tone or for the individual that is ready to take their workouts to the next level. With three band strengths to choose from, these bands offer a wide range of excerises and allow you to gradually increase in difficulty as you get stronger. Stay fit whether you're at home, in the gym or outside at your favorite park.

Key Qualities

Non Rolling

Non pinching to clothes or skin

Non slipping

Reinforced stitching


Fits easy in mesh carry bag

Burns fat

Fits a Variety of Exercises